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I built this web site to give you many illustrations of the following categories of sex positions : acrobatic, man-on-top, sitting, spooning, standing and woman-on-top. Also, to make the sexual positions easier to understand I have included text descriptions to go along with each category.

I hope this site can give you some fresh ideas about lovemaking positions to increase the pleasure for both you and your partner whilst making love.

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Acrobatic Sex Positions
Acrobatic Sex Positions: make sure you stretch before trying these advanced positions :).
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Man on Top Sex Positions
Man On Top Sex Positions: very common positions which includes the classic "missionary".
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Sitting Sex Positions
Sitting Sex Positions: allow for deep penetration and include rear-entry positions.
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Spooning Sex Positions
Spooning Sex Positions: commonly known as side-by-side positions where intercourse occurs with both partners lying on their side.
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Standing Sex Positions
Standing Sex Positions: just like acrobatic positions these can be very taxing on the body and are definitely "advanced positions".
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Woman On Top Sex Positions
Woman On Top Sex Positions: probably the second most commonly used positions after man on top.
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